I thoroughly enjoyed this book!  Very good read and the only negative thing I could really say was how short it was! Wish there was more! :) People will love it. -- Zayle Rudiger, Student, 16

Brilliant! Sarana’s Gift is a fun, imaginative story that I couldn’t put down; plus it is truly an inspirational gift to each of us. I want every young person to read this book and know that they are more creative, more powerful and more capable of saving our world than they can even imagine. This is a short but powerful read. Don’t miss it! — Barbara Gaughen-Muller, Co-Author, Revolutionary Conversations, The Tools You Need For The Success You Want

A stellar work of art!  Literally. I've never before seen such a brilliant, dynamic, colorful background created with so few words! I could see and feel every scene, action and reaction described...from beginning to end. It was literally like watching a movie. — Russ Lawson

Finished your book today. WOW! Couldn't put it down. I wish I had read this early on in my life. It would have been a helpful guide to knowing that sometimes things look dismal but you can follow your guides and intuition and trust that you have enormous courage.-- G. Lynne Snead, author, To Do, Doing, Done!

  Joyce Wycoff has created a touching and meaningful story about discovering, becoming, and being yourself. Young Sarah is faced with a difficult decision, and a vivid dream helps her find the strength and determination to make and to act on that decision. Very readable.  -- Bob Branstrom, Ph.D.

What an incredibly wonderful story. The writing is gripping and I couldn’t stop reading until the very end. This story is truly a gift…to us all.
— Wendy Denton, Ph.D.

What a delightful story for the young girl in all of us. It is filled with fantasy adventures fought with creativity and courage rather than guns or super-powers. The visual images are striking and the moment when Sarah takes charge of her own life is engaging and touching. Highly recommended.
— Pat Conwell

Sarana's Gift is a tense and exciting story. The anxiety surrounding the decisions of our youth was palpable. -- Anita Perez Ferguson, Ph.D., co-author Women Seen and Heard

What a lovely story and beautifully written. -- ReAnn Scott 

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