And Beyond

Volcanoes, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
No one likes footnotes that interrupt the flow of a story. However, often there are fascinating details and insights that didn’t fit the story but give you more to chew on long after the story is done.

Sarana journeyed through a fascinating land filled with symbol, meaning and a lot of unanswered questions. For instance …
Where did Sarana’s journey take place?
Who is Melek, the Blue Peacock God, and what is he doing in a cave in the Yucatan?
Does Ix Chel still live?
How long did the Sarana dream last?
What are dreams?
Where did Sarana go when Sarah woke up?
What happened when Sarah went to Stanton?
What happened to Chloe?
If we answered all the unanswered questions in Sarana’s Gift, this short novel would need to be an encyclopedia, or, in fact, a never-ending story. Remember: all stories begin in the middle of a longer story; thus is life.

We couldn’t write a never-ending story and still call it a novella, or even a novel, so we’ve done the next best thing … we’ve created a blog to answer the unanswered, reveal the spirit meaning of the many notable things Sarana finds on her journey, and tell more of the back story of Melek, Turtle Mother, Maverna, Tia, Kulkukan, and others who had fascinating lives of their own even if they were only bit players in Sarana’s story.

If you want to know more, go to the "Questions" page and stay tuned as the answers unfold. Better still, tell us what you want to know more about. Just leave a comment and don't forget to follow us to get the latest updates.

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