Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Symbolism: Firefly

Firefly has the ability to shine. Normally a rather dull and uninteresting creature, at night it gives off a magical light that captivates us. It is a reminder that it is what is inside us, our spirit, that illuminates the world around us. While the firefly uses its light to attract a mate, it reminds us that it is our own light that attracts people and circumstances to us.

One person who studies the meaning of things states, "When fireflies come into our lives they are there to guide us to ways of living that are more earth-friendly, and soul-friendly. Fireflies teach us the value of living simply, and relying on our own inner voices for illumination. Fireflies also come to us with a message of creativity, and remind us that our paths are made lighter by the beauty that we allow into our lives.”  — See more here.

In this story, what do you think the firefly is trying to do?

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