Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Symbolism: Silver-white Horse

"Moonsilver" by Marina Petro
Silver-white Horse - Horse is a powerful symbol. Strong, free, and graceful, horse is also a spirit messenger who can take you to far away places of enchantment, wonder and awe. Horse represents your inner strength and passion, your driving force in life.

Heroic characters often ride white horses which represent the connection between every day life and the land of the gods. The white horse is pure enough to carry the heroine to her triumph over misfortune and evil. The white horse represents good fortune.

A silver-white horse carries the added symbolism of silver: feminine energy, the moon, and is fluid, emotional, sensitive and mysterious. It is soothing, calming and purifying. It also signals a time of reflection and a change of direction as it illuminates the way forward.

As the silver-white horse carries Sarah into another world, what would you expect her to find there? (Please add your comments or questions in the Comment section below.)

Special thanks to the amazing artist Marina Petro for allowing us to share "Moonsilver" with you.  Marina describes herself as "an intuitive consultant, artist and teacher for over 35 years, I move through life in a heightened state of consciousness and employ my intuitive vision and artistic gifts to enrich the lives of others. ... My original paintings and prints are in private collections worldwide." You can see more about Marina and her artwork at

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